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Columbia Smart Bulbs Can Deter Burglars And Make Your Home More Comfortable

You may not look at smart light bulbs as a home security essential, but practical use of light will scare off potential burglars. Add the amazing benefits of smart bulbs in Columbia, and you will start to see how they will change your home life. With custom activities and remote control through the ADT Control mobile app, you'll be able to see your home in a whole new light.

With smart light bulbs linked to your security system, you are able to:

  • Set your smart bulbs to turn on and off at a specific time

  • Give rules to your lights to play off of your home security devices

  • Plan custom scenes with your smart lights and other automation components

  • Activate your smart bulbs remotely with your home security mobile app

  • Dim the brightness on any inside or outside light

Lighting with smart bulbs in Columbia

Boost Your Efficiency On All Your Lighting Fixtures

You install your Columbia smart light bulb just like you would any normal light bulb. Just twist the LED bulb in and it will quickly sync to your ADT system. Then you can turn on and off your lights through your security touchscreen or smartphone app. Dim your lights even if you don’t have them on a dimmer switch. Only brighten a few bulbs on a multi-bulb light. If you wonder if you left the kitchen light on, just pull open ADT Control.

Columbia Smart Bulbs Make Your Home More Secure

Light poses a problem for burglars, and your smart light bulbs can make it difficult to stay in the dark patches. Set your Columbia smart bulbs to turn on at random times when you're off visiting relatives, and would-be burglars will feel like you're hanging out at home. Set your curb side lights to alight if your security camera sees motion. Or make it easier to get to a safe area by having house lights turn on when your fire alarm triggers.

Get Your Columbia Smart Light Bulbs With Your Columbia Security System

Smart bulbs make your home a more secure and more efficient place to stay -- and they are an essential item of your Columbia security system. Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems to learn how your ADT package can include smart light bulbs. Just call us at (573) 203-3048 or fill out the form below to begin.